Case Studies

RMS Civil to Industrial

The Roads and Maritime Services came to Cammpro to discuss if it was possible to 3D print a scaled down model of a motorway interchange that they are currently working on in Wollongong to display at community consultation sessions.

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Custom Drone Attachment

A Drone Pilot came to Cammpro to discuss if it was possible to 3D print a fixture to his drone DJI Inspire 1 so he could attach an Air sampling cylinder to his drone, this would then give him the capability to fly over polluted areas, safely take a sample, then safely test the air in a laboratory.

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Ducati Indicator

Once again Cammpro was approached by the owner of a very expensive machine to reverse engineer a new functional part. This time the machine was a state of the art 300kmh Ducati Motorcycle.

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Surf Camera Housing

Check out our Surf Camera Housing story

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Racing Drone Canopy

A client from Melbourne wanted a 3D CAD design completed for a custom racing drone canopy. Drone racing is a relatively new and exciting sport wherein the competitors pilot drones via radio control using only a first-person view transmitted from a camera mounted on the drone. The goal is to complete a set course as quickly as possible like full scale air racing.

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Action Figure

A Customer in Loftus NSW wanted to 3D scan an action figure to re-manufacture it using additive manufacturing.

The action figure was 30mm wide and only 45mm tall.

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Spiral Scan

A new customer approached us with a very intricate damaged part, they wanted to know if it was possible to replicate the part and re-manufacture it with an accuracy of 0.3mm.

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