Action Figure

The Brief


A Customer wanted to 3D scan an action figure to re-manufacture it using additive manufacturing.

The action figure was 30mm wide and only 45mm tall.


3D Scanning


To scan the object, the EinScan Pro+ 3D scanner, and industrial pack were used, giving a highly accurate 3D scan of 50 microns:


3D Scanning products

Completed scan


Scan completed, and converted to a watertight STL file. All with the EinScans free 3D Scanner software.

Scan detail


Even capturing the identification numbers and year of manufacture:


Now Time to 3D print!


The customer was looking for an affordable highly accurate Resin 3D printer. Look no further than the Moonray DLP 3D printer.


Moonray 3D printer

The Moonray has Superior Surface Finish, quality, precision, functionality, and flexibility. With selectable Z resolution of 20, 50, or 100 Microns and selectable support structure the MoonRay is rewriting industry standards for ease of use, reliability, and durability, the results are outstanding:

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