Civil to Industrial

RMS Project

The Roads and Maritime Services came to Cammpro to discuss if it was possible to 3D print a scaled down model of a motorway interchange that they are currently working on in Wollongong to display at community consultation sessions.

Converting the Model

We downloaded the latest version of the Civil CAD software used at the RMS to analyse what we could offer.

The first challenge was to convert the files in order for them to be used with  industrial CAD software, then scaled down from the actual size of 1.6km x 1.3km to 700mm x 400mm.

Easier said than done, but after a few hours/days the model was successfully converted and scaled down 0.0011.

Scaling Challenges

The next obstacle was then the bridges and tunnel looked to low, so we scaled the model vertically only to exaggerate the heights, easily done with our advanced 3D printer software.

Scaling down a model of this size is not always simple, scaling 300m high mountains are no problem but scaling noise barriers, bridges, and hand rails down to this extreme means that they reduce to an unprintable wall thickness of below 0.2mm, therefore all bridges/noise barriers/kerbs etc were increased to minimum 1.0mm.

3D Printing

The model was split into four tiles and 3D printed on our PolyJet printer to create smooth & accurate parts using multi-material 3D printing to simulate the finished product.


Fit the puzzle together

Add some colour and vehicles

Finished off with a fully enclosed transparent acrylic cover.


A very happy Customer, below is the official testimonial from the RMS:

“Cammpro did a great job producing a 3D model for a complex road interchange to help Roads and Maritime Services with community engagement. Gavin was really helpful at every step of the way and went the extra mile to deliver a quality product that we could both be proud of. Thanks Cammpro!”