PLA X 500g

Product Description

This genuine PLA UP filament has been designed and manufactured specifically to work with UP 3d printers. Printed parts look fantastic and have a gloss surface finish. Two rolls of filament come packaged in a carton with vacuum packed spools with desiccant to keep the material dry. To print with this material in the UP software, select Maintenance / Add New Spool and choose "PLA" 

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Filament Specifications

Material:        Polylactide (PLA)

Diameter:       1.75mm [±0.10mm]

Net Weight:    2 x 500g

Content:         Two rolls of filament, vacuum packed with desiccant and come packaged in a carton.


Filament Comparison table


Type Strength Flexibility Detail Smoothness Transparency Ease of Print
ABS+ UP Premium 90% 10% 88% 85% 10% Easy
ABS UP Original 75% 15% 80% 85% 10% Easy
PLA UP Premium 65% 2% 95% 93% 5% Easy

ABS+ UP Premium ABS UP Original

Recommended Filament Settings

Type Nozzle Temperature °C Platform Temperature Platform Height
Premium UP ABS+ 275°C 90°C 0.3mm
Original UP ABS 270°C 90°C 0.3mm
UP PLA 210°C 50°C 0.4 - 0.7mm