Laser Cutter

Emblaser 2

Product Description

Emblaser 2 - Laser cutter & engraver with Air-Assist & LightBurn.

Product Price

With standard 1 Year Warranty: AU$3,465

Optional extras

With 2 Year Warranty: AU$3,995

With 3 Year Warranty: AU$4,780

Introducing the next generation in Laser Cutter/Engraver

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Now with Air-Assist and camera tracing included.

A new revolution in affordable and easy-to-use laser cutter/engravers.

  • Safe to use in the classroom
  • Auto cut off when lid is opened
  • Fume extraction with optional filtration unit.
  • Workspace camera for tracing and assisted alignment
  • 3D high-resolution engraving with variable Z height.

Product Specifications


  External Dimensions 540mm x 720mm x 200mm
(21.25" x 28.35" x 7.8")
  Material Capacity 500mm x 300mm x 50mm
(19.66" x 11.81"x 1.97")
  Focus Factory pre-focused
  Laser Unit Type Solid-State Diode
Equivalent to 15-20watt CO2 laser
  Classification Class I
The safest laser device rating available.
  3D Cutting & Engraving, fully software controlled.
  Camera for material alignment.
  Wifi & USB Connectivity
  Fume Extraction, built-in.
  Internal Workspace Lighting
  Fume Filtration System
  Air-Assist System

You can even engrave food...

All Emblaser 2 laser cutters will now come with Air-Assist add-on for cleaner cutting and engraving in the base unit.

All new units or units marked with Rev.2 will now enjoy 3 year warranty on their laser diode.

All units come with 1 LightBurn software licence key. This licence key can be used concurrently on a maximum of 10 computers. Licence key can be activated and deactivated any time. To use on another computer outside of the first allocated 10, 1 of the 10 must give up the key to be used on the new computer. If you are purchasing as a school and wish to use LightBurn on more than 10 computers, additional licenses may be purchased here.

let your imagination run wild



  • Fume Extraction and Filtration: The Emblaser 2 is built with a fume extractor for venting fumes outdoors. Install the add-on fume filtration system and your laser cutter can be used safely indoors.
  • Air-Assist: One of the issues with laser cutting is the burn marks present on the material. With the smart Air-Assist add-on function, a stream of air is simultaneously directed onto the material as the laser cuts, significantly reducing the marks.
  • Material Ignition Alert: When it comes to working with laser, there is potential for the burned material to ignite. By monitoring constantly the progress of the laser cutting, the Emblaser 2 will automatically stop and alert users if that happens.
  • WiFi/USB connection: Gain full control of the Emblaser 2 via WiFi or traditional USB connection