MoonRay Resin 1 litre: Colours

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MoonRay Resin 1 litre: Colours

MoonRay Resins have been carefully formulated to work best with the Moonray-S and MoonRay-D 3D printers to give you high-performance results, every time. Choose from resins tailored to your specific needs, including several colors of Standard Resins.

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Gray resin

Moonray gray resin has been designed to make finishing easy. Your parts will print ready to paint, no primer necessary. Formulated our to be completely neutral -- it doesn’t lean warm or cool. Whether you’re prototyping or creating a finished product, MoonRay Gray Resin will make the process simple

Clear resin

MoonRay Clear Resin is an excellent choice for engineers, as it allows you to see all of the inner workings of your prototyped part.

White Resin

This resin’s bright white color produces beautiful parts, straight from your MoonRay. It also makes a great base for painted parts.

Time-efficient 3D-printing


Printing multiple models takes the same amount of time as printing one model, making MoonRay the most time-efficient 3D-printing option and up to ten times faster than laser SLA 3D printing.


MoonRay's exceptional accuracy is the result of its RayOne UV LED projector and our high-performance MoonRay Resin.