ABS+ 2 X 500g

Product Description

This is the ABS+ Premium genuine UP filament. Support material is a bit harder to break away, printed parts are tough and durable and look great with a gloss surface finish. Printed parts can be sanded, primed and painted with acrylic. Models can also be glued with superglue, acetone, epoxy or ABS cement. Two rolls of filament come packaged in a carton with vacuum packed spools with desiccant to keep the material dry. To print with this material in the UP software, select Maintenance / Add New Spool and choose "ABS+"  

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Filament Specifications

Material:         Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plus added Polycarbinate

Diameter:       1.75mm [±0.10mm]

Net Weight:     2 x 500g

Content:         Two rolls of filament, vacuum packed with desiccant and come packaged in a carton


Type Strength Flexibility Detail Smoothness Transparency Ease of Print
ABS+ UP Premium 90% 10% 88% 85% 10% Easy
ABS UP Original 75% 15% 80% 85% 10% Easy
PLA UP Premium 65% 2% 95% 93% 5% Easy

ABS UP Original PLA UP Premium

The difference between ABS UP Original and ABS+ UP Premium

"ABS UP Original" can warp more, can split, has a matte finish and supports are easier to remove. A favourite with UP customers.

"ABS+ UP Premium" warps less, much stronger, has a gloss look however, supports can be much harder to remove

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Recommended Filament Settings

Type Nozzle Temperature °C Platform Temperature Platform Height
Premium UP ABS+ 275°C 90°C 0.3mm
Original UP ABS 270°C 90°C 0.3mm
UP PLA 210°C 50°C 0.4 - 0.7mm